Chai Ling was one of the student leaders in the Tian’anmen Square massacre of 1989. Today she is Founder of All Girls Allowed, an organization dedicated to ending China`s One-Child Policy, and the founder and President of Jenzabar, an enterprise resource planning software firm for educational institutions. In 2009, Chai converted to Christianity.Chai Link

In her inspiring testimony to the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights Chai Ling concludes, “I am not here to testify against you, the leaders of China, as Chai Ling, the human rights fighter; but as an equal sinner with you. I can tell you with peace and confidence that a spiritual transformation awaits you if you put your faith in Christ Jesus you will have the courage to change and demand change of others, and you will see clearly that you don’t need to act like Deng Xiaoping in 1989, feeling that he had no other choice. You can still turn and end this policy, and can start reshaping the culture of China to value all women, their choice, and children’s lives. Freedom is awaiting you as it is awaiting 1.3 billion other Chinese men and women under your watch. Though evil blinded me and blinded all of us to do evil, God wants us to see, to be set free, and to experience his love and receive eternal life.”