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Our Mission: Engage & Equip

RTB’s mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.

Our leadership team has reaffirmed a rather unique set of features that distinguishes RTB from other ministries. It’s not that other faithful Christian ministries don’t share one or more of these same qualities, but RTB embraces all of them together.

  • A high view of both Scripture and science—because the words of the Bible and the facts of nature come from the same Source, from God himself, who chose to make himself known
  • Apologetics for the sake of evangelism—because history awaits completion of the commission Christ charged his followers to fulfill
  • Constructive integration of God’s revelation (in Scripture and nature)—because truth will always be consistent, wherever it’s found
  • Commitment to application––because intellectual engagement should lead to effective evangelism, not merely to winning arguments