It is often said that Christians are arrogant to say that Jesus is the only way to salvation, as this regards everyone who disagrees with Christianity as mistaken. The issue here is that the truth of a proposition is independent of the attitude displayed by those who hold it.

RepentenceI have studied other religions and tried my utmost to discover the truth about Christianity.  J. Warner Wallace says it much better than I when he eloquently states, “I’m a Christian because it is true. I’m a Christian because I want to live in a way that reflects the truth. I’m a Christian because my high regard for the truth leaves me no alternative.”

Am I arrogant for embracing a worldview that I sincerely hold as true? Also, the pluralist (one who holds to a diversity of views) also believes that his view is the only correct view. So, can the pluralist not also be accused of arrogance?

So, the question is not, “Is Christianity Arrogant?”  The question is, “Is Christianity True?” With the absence of valid arguments against Christianity,  what else are we to believe?